Vertebroplastyprices in Germany are normally 75% below the cost for a vertebroplasty in the US and are individually quoted. They include all medical expenses, the hospital stay, surgeon's fees, operation room fees, anesthesia, anesthesiologist's fees, medicine, nursing, semi-private room, meals, pre-op diagnosis, local phone and English TV.

Vertebroplasty: When is it used

Compression fractures of the vertebrae can be extremely painful and debilitating. A compression fracture of the vertebra can cause the vertebral body to collapse and thus "compress". This condition is mostly commonly caused by osteoporosis and less often by tumor, or trauma. Sometimes multiple vertebrae may be involved.

Thoracic (chest) and lumbar (lower) spine (the vertebrae, where vertebroplasty is most commonly performed) are most commonly affected by osteoporosis with pain increasing with walking.