Prices in Germany are normally 75% below the cost for a Laminotomy in the US and are individually quoted. They include all medical expenses, the hospital stay, surgeon's fees, operation room fees, anesthesia, anesthesiologist's fees, medicine, nursing, semi-private room, meals, pre-op diagnosis, local phone and English TV.

Laminotomy is the term for the procedure where material located on the lamina is removed and the lamina is partially reduced. Removal of this material opens the vertebral foramen to create more room for the spinal cord or cauda eguina. Unlike the Laminectomy or the Laminaplasty, the Laminotomy does not remove or resect the lamina, respectively.

Laminotomy is often accompanied with a discectomy, because the Laminotomy gives the neurosurgeon access to the herniated disc.