Prices in Germany are normally 75% below the cost for a Laminoplasty in the US and are individually quoted. They include all medical expenses, the hospital stay, surgeon's fees, operation room fees, anesthesia, anesthesiologist's fees, medicine, nursing, semi-private room, meals, pre-op diagnosis, local phone and English TV.

The terms Laminoplasty and Laminaplasty are used interchangeably in the US. In Europe only the term Laminoplasty is used.

Laminoplasty is much like the laminectomy in that the spinal processes are removed. However, unlike the laminectomy, where the lamina is permanently removed, the laminoplasty retains the lamina. In the laminoplasty the lamina is reshaped or expanded with bone inserts. This creates more room in the spinal canal and relieves pressure on the nerves. A Discectomy, Flavectomy or Foraminotomy may also accompany a laminectomy or laminoplasty.