Diabetic foot is a serious complication of diabetes. It is similar to frost bite in appearance and cause, that is the tissue of the foot dies due to lack of circulation. There are two approaches to treating diabetic foot with stem cells, with the primary goal of closing the exposed tissue with healthy tissue after removal of the necrotic tissue.

Our preferred approach is to qualify the patient with an evaluation of the circulation in the foot along with an angiograph. Once the patient is qualified, stem cells are removed from the patient's ilia crest and concentrated. Using the patient's own cells precludes any possibility of rejection. Application of the stem cells occurs over three weeks with three treatment session with as many as 10 to 14 small injections per session. The total medical cost is about 20,000 EUR.

The other approach is to use cord stem cells, which are cultured and grown in a lab. Although this approach can be successful, we think this approach has higher risks. The method requires a 4 week stay and costs about 27,000 USD.