Cataract patients are the most common recipients of synthetic eye lenses, although some eye patients with severe refractory problems have had lens replacements. Nearly 20 million of these surgeries are performed each year world-wide. However, the lenses prior to the Calhoun Light Adjusting Lens had fixed focal points, thus leaving the patient needing glasses for reading or far-sighted activities, such as driving or sports/recreational activities. In patients needing two lens replacements, which is often the case, ophthalmologists would have one eye focused for distance and one eye focused for reading. This less than perfect solution is still practiced today in the USA. Thus a lens that would focus like the natural lens of the eye has been the focus of eye researchers for many years.

The Calhoun Light Adjustable Lens is now available in Europe. This remarkable lens works very much like the normal lens of the human eye. German ophthalmologists are the most experienced in the world with the implantation of the Calhoun Light Adjustable Lens.

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