Medical tourism is growing at an explosive pace throughout the world as recently reported on the front page of the New York Times (August 4, 2013). European Medical Tourist (EMT), operating since 2004, has provided guidance for newcomers to medical tourism, finding high-quality, low-cost medical care in Europe, particularly in the highly technologically-advanced country of Germany with the fourth largest economy in the world, often at cost 40 to 80 percent below the cost of the same procedures in the US. Being in a high- tech country is an important aspect of medical tourism, because the supporting technology for difficult surgeries is avialable. Poorer countries can offer cheaper prices, but that may come at a cost. With a strong emphasis on our client's safety and comfort, European Medical Tourist (EMT) provides those choosing medical tourism with elite surgeons in Germany and throughout Europe that are often heads of the department and have a PhD and a medical university professorship in addition to their MD. We focus on proven advanced medicine not yet fully-developed and available in the US and the most experienced surgeons, who do these procedures. After all it is the surgeon that has the primary affect on the patient, not the hospitals or medical group marketing. Learn about quality in medical tourism through European Medical Tourist.

Currently we are focusing on Orthopedic and Spine surgery. Group trips for dentistry are also available.

European Medical Tourist also offers reconstructive knee surgery without the use of a mechanical prosthesis. Experience medical tourism in a country in the heart of medical excellence, where you have a choice among doctors and hospitals, wide-spread excellence in training, legal rights, political stability, no visa requirements, no inoculations, no malaria and other tropical diseases.

EMT is a patient advocate organization and charges no fees to our clients, nor does the cost of your treatment change by using EMT.

EMT can place you quickly into some of the finest hospitals in the world. EMT with a wealth of experience in the German medical market and especially with German hospitals and doctors can expertly negotiate the price of your medical cost with some of the best doctors in Germany and Europe.

For an assessment of your medical tourism needs contact European Medical Tourist using the contact form or call 512 784 5824.

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